Wendy Vineyard, Transformational Coach, Stress Reduction Expert, Speaker and Published Author

Compassionate  –  Intuitive  –  Empathetic

Wendy specializes in coaching moms who feel hurt and rejected by their adult child. She guides them to let go and grow so they can give themselves permission to be more of who they really are, to create a life they love, and to re-build a fulfilling, lasting relationship with their beloved adult child.

Previously, Wendy earned her honours degree in journalism from Carleton University and worked for more than 20 years in journalism and corporate public relations. In 2003, she went back to school to study holistic health and healing and became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.

Over the next 10 years, she searched until she found leading-edge coaching processes that heal the root causes of relationship problems and produce lasting results. Wendy earned diplomas and certifications in these science-based processes, which are the basis of the transformational work she does with her clients. 

She wrote and published a best-selling self-care book that’s available on Amazon.ca: “Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally!” 

Wendy is the author of “Top Secret Rules for Having a Fulfilling Relationship With Your Adult Child”, which is exclusively available to her clients in the 10-week intensive program she created for moms called “The Relationship Rescue Program”.


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