Tanasha Smith, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Author
Courageous  –  Passionate  –  Authentic 

Tanasha Smith is a registered Social Worker, physiotherapist, founder, and Director of Mastery of Self Inc. Counselling services. Tanasha’s holistic approach provides evidence-based therapeutic practices to help our clients improve areas of their life, including spiritual growth and emotional and relational well-being. She provides counselling services to individuals, couples, families, and youth.

Her greatest passion is curative people through traumatic/ stressful experiences. The goal for her clients is to help guide them into a healthy perception of themselves and strengthen their relationships with themselves as peaceful, gifted, wholesome beings.

Tanasha emphasizes the importance of self-care and consistency; the transformation begins when the work on the self is applied daily. She believes that letting go of the past takes time to unpack. There isn’t a one-way approach that fits everyone. Our stories may sound similar, but the impact remains different.

With over 15 years of experience supporting youth and young adults, her goal is to guide her clients to believe that self-worth is the power to strive to be their best selves.

Tanasha is the author of ‘Once Broken,’ a story of her journey through depression and anxiety, surviving sexual abuse. Her book is available online at Amazon and on variers platforms. She is working on her audible book and bringing her story to the screen with the help of Sequence 21 Studios Inc. 


Website www.masteryofselfinc.ca

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mastery_ofself

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Email: info@masteryofselfinc.ca 

Phone: 905 218-3515 

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