Rose Marie Young: Co-Founder & Executive Director, The BloomGlow Foundation

Rose Marie Young resides in the beautiful province of Ontario Canada. She is the  Co Founder and Executive Director of The BloomGlow Foundation International. She is the visionary creative mind of  PASSION Self-Empowerment Business Supporting Business Magazine. She is also an  Empowerment Trauma Life Coach, who is inspired and committed to helping her clientele overcome post traumatic experiences so they can love and live the life they desire.

Rose Marie is also the visionary compiler of two International Best Selling Anthologies, including her latest Compiled  Anthology, The Rising Eagles which is available on Amazon She a co-author in the Pursue By Purpose anthology and is also co authored in Volume 5 of You Can Overcome Anything, both of which are also international bestsellers. Her true expression of life can be found in her passion for writing of inspirational articles and poems.

Some of Rose’s articles have been featured  live in Thrive Global Publications and other publications such as Spaziotribu.org, Successful-hack.com and others. Rose Marie has also appeared as a guest on Park City TV and on different podcasts including “You Can Overcome Anything” with Cesar Espino, the compiler of  their anthology, “You Can Overcome Anything.” She was also a guest on The RAS Project.

Rose worked as a certified Cardiologist  Technologist prior to becoming an  Empowerment & Trauma Life Coach. Prior to that, she studied Industrial Microbiology at Centennial College Progress Campus In Scarborough Ontario.

She also studied and worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician as well. Rose Marie loved and appreciated working in the medical field. However, she found her true passion in coaching and helping others to improve themselves in all areas of their lives.

Another fact  about Rose is, she is a lover of nature, loves animals and enjoys the outdoors life. She is an embassy for health and wellness. She is  constantly thriving for inner growth, and it’s her God given purpose to  help empower others.


Social media links

Website: www.Rosemarieyoung.com

Facebook: Rose Young902

Instagram: Rose.Marie.Young

Email: rosemarie.lifecoach@gmail.com