Renu Arora:  Energy Healer

Renu Arora studied biochemistry at McGill University, practiced as a registered dietitian for over a decade, and then chucked it all to become a full-time energy healer. And nobody was more surprised about it than she was. Now, 8 years later, she is the author of two books on the subject and is the creator of her own, freakishly powerful healing modality, called the Accelerated Release Technique (ART, for short), that still amazes Renu herself. 

Most of us understand that it is the emotional baggage from our past that keeps us from living our most joyful and fulfilling life today; we have survival instincts that were programmed as a result of trauma and we haven’t been able to release them. At its core, ART taps into the subconscious mind and resets the program, changing the pattern and freeing the individual from their past.


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