Princess Andrea Saul, Evangelist/Chaplain, City of York

Andrea Saul, also known to most people as Evangelist Saul or Princess, was born in Guyana, and immigrated to  Canada in 1983. She is the proud mother of three beautiful children, three beautiful grandchildren and 1 great  granddaughter. 

Andrea takes her Spiritual walk very serious, and in 2015, was ordained as an Evangelist\Chaplain in the City of  York. Andrea has a passion for the impoverished, and in 2014, using her own funds, she had opened a “BREAD OF  LIFE FOR ALL NATIONS” food bank. 

In January 2015, Andrea, received her certificate of Registration to Solemnize Marriage from the Province of  Ontario & Ministry of Government Services. To date, Andrea has solemnized, 45 couples. She is the CEO of Woman  Of Excellence Officiate Services. 

In July 2015, Andrea acquired a Diploma as a Christian Motivational Coach and Counselor. In 2015 to 2023, Andrea  has received numerous Humanitarian, Leadership and Resourceful Awards from various NGO in the Community. In  2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrea made History by Chartering the Largest Cyber Lions Club for Canada  and North America.”Thistletown New Era Lions Club”. Andrea is the 1st Lion President in over 100 years, to be  awarded numerous Medallions of Honor and a Presidential Award from Lions Club International, Illinois, Chicago.


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