Orin Mollyneaux, Orin’s Satin Creations

Orin Mollyneaux is the owner of Satin Creations. She is the founder, the creator of a company that she designs and produces products that promote hair and skin care for everyone.

Orin Mollyneaux’s entrepreneurial career started 40-years ago when she joined the Tupperware Sales force and was promoted to a Sales Manager within her first 8 weeks, meeting their requirements, and becoming a first for Tupperware Canada. Even though challenging, she grew tremendously as a person and discovered the other side of her herself. Enhancing her ability to care, share and think outside the box.

This career lasted for about 18 years.  However as life shifts, with her daughter, she relocated to Vancouver where she joined the Weekenders Sales force.  Again, she quickly built her team and gained the position of being a product model for the Company. She earned many awards and continued learning more about business operations.

Finally, in 2006, Satin Creations was established.

Satin Creations is her own company, her own ideas, her own hours, her life!  It’s been almost 20-years now and her company is still growing, producing self-satisfaction, joy, and rewards too many to mention.


www.satincreations.ca    sales@satincreations.ca