Neecee Lexy (Nancy Lemi): Public Speaker, CEO & Founder, NEECEE LEXY

Profession: Kinesiologist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, SMM, Digital Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Creative Director & Brand strategist.

Meet Nancy, best known as Neecee Lexy or Boss Lady – the promising entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, and CEO. She is a South Sudanese-Canadian Digital Marketing Strategist, Media Personality, and Blogger based in Canada. She is also a Google Product Trainer, teaching people how to effectively audit and run digital marketing campaigns to help grow businesses in the USA and Canada. Apart from that, she is a full-time blogger, Content Creator, and a Certified smiley-face girl with all positive vibes.

What makes her the Boss Lady? Lexy is the founder of her very own creative digital agency media at www.neeceelexy.com. The NEECEE LEXY is an online global publication that has been running since 2017, covering a wide variety of topics such as business, entertainment, and news from the industry.

Lexy hosts an interactive segment called “LIVE Interview with Neecee Lexy,” where she interviews celebrity artists and business owners every Thursday on YouTube. These globally featured interviews are published weekly on YouTube & podcast streaming platforms, as well as written articles highlighting outstanding entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, and Project coordinators’ business stories on www.neeceelexy.com/blog.

In 2022, due to high demand from her viewers, Lexy launched a new segment called “BOSS UP WITH ME – Girl Talk.” This is where Lexy shares business tips and strategies for young girls to become bosses. This segment is dedicated to young females interested in building an online business or getting into entrepreneurship to secure financial freedom. Neecee shares strategies for networking, goal setting, mindset hacks, and money management.

Before diving into the tech industry, she spent the majority of her time in the entertainment industry as an Event Coordinator, Media relation personnel, celebrity stylist, and creative director.

As a former celebrity Fashion Stylist, she founded her fashion brand called the Afro-fusion brand Lexynelle Reveur in 2014. Under the brand, she provides custom and ready-made clothes for artists’ music videos, celebrity Red Carpet Styling, TV appearances, and more.

Today, she is solely focused on educating and inspiring the youth within her community to maximize the power of social media and marketing to grow their businesses. Plus, she is looking to launch her courses and open an in-person training center in Juba for Digital Marketing and Programming in the near future.

Recently Neecee was Guest Lecture at George Brown College

Part 1 StartGBC Lecture – Content Creative Marketing | #neeceelexy

Part 2 Content Creation For Blogging | StartGBC College Lecture | #neeceelexy #startgbc


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