Naomi Jules, Founder of Girls United Foundation

Fearless  –  Courageous  –  Victorious

Naomi Jules is a fearless, courageous, victorious woman, who very early in her professional life devoted her cause to community development, and the hard realities of making a difference on the subject matter of Sickle Cell Anemia. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization Girls United Foundation an organization dedicated to advancing the lives of Women and Girls. Owner of Jules and Associates Consulting Services. CEO of Nevaeh’s. Advocate for community development, social justice, freedom, and equality.

Compassionate about educating women and girls in areas of health, education, social wellbeing, and settlement services. Her greatest passion for girls led her to establish the GUF scholarship funds for girl’s education.

Naomi developed her entrepreneurial skills and the drive for humanity, through services to others. Her work as a philanthropist has impacted the lives of many in a positive way creating a world of giving and contributing in Canada and around the world.

Naomi contributes to bridging the gap with community leaders and elected officials within all levels of government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal), assisting them in fundraising events and community outreach initiatives.

Naomi advocates for the rights of undocumented students access to education. inspires action and successful outcomes.  Educational and related issues involving immigration, community engagement and cultural diversity, helping new commers to integrate into the Canadian Society. Successfully obtaining their documents such as passport, PR, citizenship, permits, and other immigration needs.

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