Melanie Starr, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker

Open  –  Compassionate  –  Determined

Melanie Starr is a women’s empowerment coach on a mission to help women heal on all levels of their being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She has learned to heal herself in the aftermath of abuses, traumatic accidents and devastating losses. For nearly 30 years she has pursued healing and spiritual growth through such pathways as yoga, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), qigong, breathwork, practical neuroscience and many other mind-body-heart-soul approaches.

Melanie is passionate about supporting women in midlife to rise above the trauma of their pasts, which often keeps them stuck in patterns of fear and doubt that prevent them from taking powerful action in their lives. As a teacher, mentor, coach and healer, Melanie provides women with new skills, perspectives and healing experiences that empower them to fulfill their potential and thrive in deeply soul-satisfying lives.

In 2023, Melanie is launching a new group healing program for women, Heal Sexual Trauma to Empower Your Potential. This will follow the release this spring of two books to which she has contributed chapters, Me Too But Never Again Part 2: The Healing Journey and The Self Love Project, both published by She Rises Studios. Melanie creates safe spaces for women to share their stories, learn to heal and take back their power.

To learn more, visit Melanie’s new website, Empower Your Potential, at www.empoweryourpotential.ca

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