Medjy Mezilus: Model & Author

Born in Haiti, Medjy Mezilus is a dreamer as well as a doer. While growing up, she had many dreams. Furthermore, she wanted to find her real purpose in life at an early age. Moving to Canada has helped her to dream bigger and granted her the confidence to pursue her dreams.

Medjy is an early childhood educator, author, model, pageant, runway coach and designer. She has always kept busy doing what she loves and lives a fulfilled life. She is so thrilled to show the world her passion for Art. She recently published her first children’s colouring book, “The Art Of Alphabet,” and this book is the absolute best. It is more than a colouring book; it helps children to be more expressive and develops their fine motor skills while learning another language.

She also has a deep passion for fashion. She is not only a model but a fashion designer and founder of MeMe collections.

Medjy is very open-minded and always ready for the next opportunity that knocks at her door. As long as it brings her joy and positively impacts other people’s lives.

Overall, Medjy wishes to serve as an inspiration to whoever crosses her path.


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Instagram: iammedjy

Facebook: medjy mezilus

Amazon link for colouring The Art Of Alphabet

The Art Of Alphabet, Animals Alphabet in French and English, ABC animals