Marian Balogun, Founder of Power Up Brand Consulting


Marian Balogun started her journey in Canada in 2019 and decided to educate individuals about emotional abuse through her book “The Different Faces of Narcissism” which recently became #1 on Amazon’s abuse and self-defence e-book category.

Her book’s success drives from her personal experience with narcissistic individuals in her surroundings. Marian’s main goal is to help individuals recognize red flags in their association with others to protect themselves from potential abuse.

Coming from a Nigerian public service background, Marian was inspired to extend her passions and careers to the Marketing Communications and business industry as she is known for her meticulousness and interpersonal skills which have been emphasized by her clients.

Marian is currently an Independent Consultant and the founder of Power Up Your Brand Consulting, a marketing communications company that specializes in Public Relations, Thought Leadership and Brand Management. You can visit www.powerupyourbrandconsulting.com for further information.

Marian wishes to expand her success through her consulting company, networking and involvement in purpose driven activities. Her entrepreneurial success stems from her moto “Never feed into self-doubt” as she advocates it’s a limitation to one’s achievements and accomplishments.

Instagram – thisismarianbalogun

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/marian-balogun/

Websites – www.powerupyourbrandconsulting.com

Author website – https://booksbymarianbalogun.com