Lee-Ann Alexis, Livin’ In Wellness

Fierce – Tenacious – Patient

Lee-Ann is a Professional Christian Wellness & Health Advocate, Nutritional Consultant, Counselor, and Intuition Coach whose movements and heart inspire you on an incredible journey to healing. She is the consummate overachiever, powerhouse, adrenaline junkie, warrior princess, successful corporate businesswoman…and the list goes on. Quite simply, she cannot be described within the confines of one basic boxed description.

After two car accidents, pulling away from her Brazilian Jiujitsu practice; having spent many years cultivating and excelling in a fast paced highly competitive career in Corporate Canada playing with the big boys, she decided to start her successful counseling and training business and has been striving ever since. Many of her clients and friends have given her various nicknames, such as Coach Ladybug, Genie, just to name a couple.

Lee-Ann knows that to achieve results and greatness, one must face the truth. She keeps things simple but REAL because that was the only way for her to begin her own healing journey. With Lee-Ann, there is a gentle spirit and loving heart but no sugar-coating fluff. The fun-loving spirit-filled energy ball and the nuggets that she shares help others release their potential and be the best they are divinely designed to be.

Not only does Lee-Ann journey with her clients, but she also uses her free time to get creative in the kitchen; perfecting yummy treats and creating amazing nutrition plans.  “What goes in your mouth, goes on your body” is what Lee-Ann believes which is why she works passionately and diligently to create nutrition plans that will allow her clients to maintain the journey they are travelling without the highs and lows which can be associated with ‘weight loss’. Lee-Ann is not about weight loss, but about lifestyle.

Website: www.leeannalexis.com

Instagram: @livininwellness