Laurie Kathryn Grant, BA-ITEC

Ms. Laurie Kathryn Grant, BA-ITEC, is a successful Digital Artist, Systems Designer, Motivational Speaker, #1 – International Bestselling Author, and Global Management Consultant who runs FutureWave Group Inc., Creating Tomorrow Today, designing Systems to help you achieve business freedom and SHYUI Design creating Content and Visuals.

Do You Have Enough Time, Clients or Money – efficient SYSTEMS design delivers consistent results, leading to profitability and client loyalty while liberating you from headaches.

Do You Want to Be Seen & Heard – engaging CONTENT informs, inspires and persuades with memorable VISUALS combining imagination, inspiration, design vison, and current trends.

SYSTEMS – The Winning Secret to Business Freedom, a rewrite of her award-winning book, Create CALM From Chaos – 7 Steps to Maximize Power, Performance, and Profits, is birthing in 2023. She collaborated with 100+ women from Canada, the US, the UK, South Africa, and Australia, creating Chocolate and Diamonds for The Woman’s Soul, becoming a 2015 international bestseller on Kindle in 24 hours.

Laurie’s privileged to speak with Dr. John Gray, Marie Diamond, Karen McGregor and others. November 2019, she became the 9th Dynamo Speaking Champion in Toronto, Canada. 

She runs LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, GRACE, a 13,000+ global Facebook group. The 3 guiding principles: LOVE You & Your World, Learn & Share Your KNOWLEDGE, Live in GRACE with Gratitude & Service are the trinity for CALM – Connected Abundant Life Mastery.





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