Kerry Wilson, Behavioral Management Consultant & Founder of S.E.R.F.


Kerry Wilson has over a decade of experience within both the public and private sector, as a registered child and youth worker, and the founder of S.E.R.F, (Stop Evaluate Reassess, Follow) through with your life, an organization centered around cognitive and behavioral strategies for children, youth and families.

Kerry has been creating quite the road map towards positive self-care, personal evolution, and societal reintegration. A former member, advocate, and mentor within the Jane and Finch community, mother of four, and the founder of S.E.R.F. Kerry has harnessed the wisdom, insight and understanding of all of those roles, and identified a niche that was continuing to be overlooked, that of, culturally sensitive and informal behavioral strategies.

A focus on client-centered and holistic approaches to care, Kerry has used her knowledge-base and community reach to ensure her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. This ensures behavioral stability, family interaction, and interpersonal success.

 Known for her compassionate ear, understanding tone, and humanistic approach, Kerry has been successful in creating “partnerships of care”. This includes organizations, educational institutions, community agencies, recreational/health centres, social workers, community boards, and youth workers.

Kerry continues to advocate, facilitate, and consult on a variety of projects through S.E.R.F.


Website: www.serfyourlife.com 

 IG: @serfyourlife 

FB: Stop Evaluate Reassess Follow