Hazel Burgan, Certified Destination Wedding & Event Planner


Hazel Burgan is a Certified Destination Wedding and Event Planner with a diverse background and a wealth of knowledge in Business Management, Event Planning, and Etiquette.

She grew up in Trinidad West Indies and relocated at the tender age of 12 to Brooklyn NY. Despite facing challenges such as emotional and physical abuse, she persevered and found success in her education and career. She attended George W. Wingate High School graduated in Business, and later went on to work on Wall Street as a Stock and Bond Specialist, where she continued her education and graduated with a degree in Business Management.

After 20 years in the financial district, she moved to Florida and became a Certified Wedding and Event Planner and a Certified Etiquette Director. She is now a successful business owner, a Biltmore Who’s Who Honored Member and holds various positions and recognized as an expert in the Wedding and Event Industry.

Hazel’s company is now based in New York and Florida, creating amazing and magical events locally and at many Caribbean Destinations. Hazel’s story is one of resilience and determination, having overcome adversity to find her passion and make a successful career of it.


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