Grace Oakley, Founder-In My Own Special Way Publishing
Grateful  –  Generous  –  Passionate

Grace Oakley grew up in Newark, New Jersey and received a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and has worked with children for over 25 years. Grace became a proud parent of 2 sons, and her niece and nephew who she became a foster parent to both since their birth.

In 2013, Grace started her first business, “Saved By Grace Creations” which is a gift basket business of creative baskets for any occasion. “It has always been a vision of Grace to feature her own products in her gift baskets, in which now, Thanks be to God, she has her own body scrubs and organic shea butters, ” Grace admitted.

In April 2016, Grace published her first children’s book ‘In My Own Special Way” with the assistance of her son Jeffrey, in which he did the photography for the book. Tragically, her son Jeffrey’s  life was cut short in July 2016, by a drunk driver in a car accident. In honor of Jeffrey’s legacy, in which he was a media arts professional, Grace decided to start a nonprofit organization, Long Live Loot Foundation, named after her son’s stage name J Loot.

The foundation was formed to help benefit students with scholarships that were interested in furthering their education in Media Arts. “Thanks Be To God ” the foundation has been growing ever since with different outreach programs to help the community in which we serve in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Grace admitted.

In 2017, Grace began publishing her book series of “In My Own Special Way” with the 2nd edition of her first book in which she learned the process of self-publishing her children’s book. As of now in 2023, she has published a 3rd book in the series and began her own company, “In My Own Special Way Publishing Consultant Company” and already has several clients.