Georgia Fullerton, Visual Artist/Arts Therapist
Creative  –  Empathic  –  Inspiring

Georgia Fullerton is a Jamaican Canadian professional visual artist, expressive arts therapist, arts educator, and public speaker. Studying visual arts and playing varsity volleyball at both Red Deer College and York  University, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – Georgia is the first Black female practising  visual artist to be appointed Board Director and Acquisitions and Collection Management Chair of the largest  contemporary art museum in Durham Region – the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.  

As an arts professional working closely with communities, Georgia sits on the Program Advisory Committee  for the School of Media Art and Design at Durham College (Oshawa). A recipient of the SCCBI Initiative  capitol grant, Georgia has built relationships with many community partners such as The Royal Ontario  Museum, Station Gallery, TDSB, DDSB and many more. Her original artworks are held in private collections across Canada, Australia, the United States, and the Caribbean. 

Engaging all sides of her creative prowess, Georgia deepens her understanding and practise of arts in health as an expressive arts therapist in her private practise. Georgia creates figurative and abstract  expressionist artworks at her home studio and facilitates healing arts workshops online. 

EMAIL: createmyartstorygee@gmail.com 
WEB: www.createmyartstory.com 
IG: @createmyartstory @fullfineart