Chantel Gryne, International Hair Stylist
Confident – Uplifting – Creative

Chantel Gryne has over a decade of experience in professional hair styling and make-up artistry. She has passion for the arts as it reflects in each hairstyle created. Chantel began her career in New York City in 2004. She has been Atlanta based 2011- 2013 advancing her skills. As of recently

Chantel is now bringing her talents to her home town Toronto. She strongly feels she has something special to offer the people in Toronto when it comes to self care and hair care. Chantel brings experience in working Spring and Fall Fashion weeks in NYC, music videos, while consistently demonstrating passion and creativity in the areas of hair and make-up.

As of 2016, Chantel partnered up with Beautiful Amore and launched her first hair product: an essential oil with 3 different scents. Chantel has so many more goals in this beauty industry, she’s just getting started.

Instagram: @hairiffic101