Tvisha Korada Mishra, Founder & C.E.O of White Wolf Interiors & Feng Shui Inc.
Elegant  –  Luxurious  –  Serene

Tvisha is a Multi Award-Winning Certified Interior Decorator, Biophilic designer & an Advanced Feng Shui Consultant with certifications from various Classical & Modern schools of Feng Shui across the globe, namely Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Portugal & Canada. Having spent her last decade living in the U.S.A & Canada, she is a master at creating beautiful spaces with her expertise in Interior decoration & Advanced Feng Shui that ensures a positive flow of energy, helping eliminate blockages which translate into prosperity and happiness at work & home for her clients. 

Her passion is creating sanctuary spaces for her clients, inspired by different cultures & ethnicities around the world. She believes everyone should experience happiness, inspiration and calm in their lives, that motivates them to live every day with a positive outlook & attract abundance of health, financial gains & success in all ventures.

The core of her style is listening to her client’s vision and merging aesthetics with functionality while ensuring that the space is energetically balanced. When you work with her, you get an Interiors, Renovations & a Feng Shui Partner that can bring your vision to life, by creating a positive space & style that is unique to your life & business which facilitates personal growth, happiness & success!