Annalay Ajooway, Founder ByAnnalay
Radiant  –  Resourceful  –  Resilient 

Radiant and being resourceful are the pillars that this mompreneur stands by! Annalay Ajooway of ByAnnalay aka Annalay Accessories has been cresting dynamic, memorable pieces centered around bold and beautiful women for over a decade.

Her work has been since in Essence, Fashion, Canadian Living Magazine and several popular movies and TV series’. With a background in Business Economics, Annalay also is a licensed Mortgage Specialist and has been assisting a wide range of clients build their real estate portfolios with accessing the right mortgage products.

With a passion for both fashion and finance, Annalay believes strongly that anything is achievable with believe in oneself, the Higher Power and working in a way that inspires, excites and brings people together.