Alison Lines, Empowerment Coach & Stylist
Passionate  –  Empathetic  –  Resilient

I was born to very loving and supportive parents in a small town of PA. I am an only child. As a child, I loved arts & music. But my passion was style & fashion. I followed them so dearly that they developed inside me and reflected outside. For me, style is not just what you wear, it’s who you are!”

I always felt strongly to help others and so I could never say no to anyone. I was and am always a people pleaser, as well as connector, and I feel empathetic towards everybody.

In college, I truly blossomed as a person. At my sorority I took on leadership roles, and also was part of the theatre group. I earned my BA in Sociology & worked in mental health, finances and event organizing. These turned into my passion that I’ve been pursuing even today.

I went through some difficult times where I struggled in toxic relationships and other areas but I remained resilient and came out of it after  years. I spent time truly developing and loving myself, and I began thriving again while working in a managerial position in banking. This motivated me to get my MBA and certification in marketing. At this time, I also belonged to a national honor society, The National Society of Leadership and Success. I began to focus on entrepreneurship. And here I am, starting a style & coaching business along with 2 other independent businesses In marketing.

My dream has always been to make the world a better place. And I’ve had this calling to help others who struggle with who they are & what they truly desire in their life. I believe that everything starts on the inside and reflects on the outside. What makes us unique is truly the very essence of who we are. I help women discover the best version of themselves, which then translates into a better life.

Empowering them to be seen & heard will help them bridge the gap from surviving to thriving and discover their inner soul/goddess.

This is my goal, my passion and my happiness! I truly believe that I had to go through what I did to rise like a phoenix I am and help others!


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