Alethia Cadore, MA, BAcyc(P) Psychotherapist
Passionate – Motivator – Resilient

Alethia Cadore innovative, and wellness-oriented, Child/ Youth Care Practitioner, Registered Psychotherapist and Mental wellness advocate. She is a Member of OACYC, CRPO and a Board member of Equitable action for change OSRP& Kujenga family, wellness.

She identifies as a Wellness Practioner in private, practice who supports primarily Black & people of, colour heal from stress & trauma by implementing, coping strategies that help reframe negative thoughts, manage emotions, and improve our relationships in order to make better decisions for yourself & lead with confidence.

Co-chair Black Advisory Committee Reach out response network, Dec 2020- approved Jan 2021 (City of Toronto) Led by Asante Haughton & Rachel Bromberg, Community members that advocated for the 1st culturally reflective non-police-led mobile, support program that provides resources/referrals as a preventative measure to crisis services for Black identified Community members, https://reachouttoronto.ca/

She is a prize winner of the Raymond Change Volunteer Award, Mentoring Black and Students of Colour in the Trimentoring TMU (2022).  Her focus is education, mental health/wellness, and Mentoring Decolonization/Afrocentered lens; her experience extends to EAP & Executive Coaching implementing her own Mindsilike Leadership course.  As a Psychotherapist, she secures over 20+ years of experience in social services, clinical support, consultation, and facilitation.

She is a certified Restorative Justice Mediator, assisting individuals, families and the Community in healing Alethia possesses extensive experience utilizing various theoretical intervention models, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, DBT, Mindfulness, Mediation (restorative justice practices), Work/life balance, and therapeutic paperwork. She incorporates evidence-based research on Mental health practices and human rights advocacy, into her writing with Black mental health Clinicians. Her writing focuses on various topics related to mental wellness.

Website: https://linktr.ee/Acadore